2020 Coronavirus Commemorative Coin

coronavirus coin

2020 showed us some unprecedented times. Truly a global historical event of our lifetime.

Coins are a great way to commemorate such a historical event. These keepsakes will be a great conversation starter with the grandkids.

Get a little memento of the crazy times of 2020. The Covid-19 pandemic is like nothing we've seen in our lifetime and coins last forever. This will be a little piece of history that can be passed down through the family to commemorate the corona pandemic of 2020.

When the Grand kids discover this coin in your treasures, you can tell them all about the outbreak of the virus and the crazy times we went through and the toilet paper shortage. The coin features the American Samoa fruit bat on the back.

These coins are hand carved by the artist at his workbench in the Pacific Northwest. Since these are hand carved, the masks may differ ever so slightly between coins.

Call it what you will... Covid coin, Covid-19 coin, virus coin, pandemic coin, outbreak coin, it doesn't really matter but it's a small reminder of the crazy times we experienced in 2020 and when the Mint released the National Park series with bats on the back, people started talking.

Stay safe...always

Two buying options, Ebay or Etsy:

Ebay Corona Quarter

Etsy Social Distancing Quarter